FBI Virus – Different Versions of the Ransomware


FBI virus

FBI virus

You were casually browsing the internet like how you usually do every day- visit sites that interests you. Out of nowhere you can no longer use your computer because something popped out. When you try to ignore the message contained with the pop out, you could no longer use your computer because it is locked. Reading the message contained you suddenly froze and panic that you might have visited a website that is against the laws. You panicked and look for ways to unfreeze your computer. You thought of following the instructions stated in the message. Before you even attempt on doing the instructions, you may be a victim of the FBI virus. This virus is a ransomware that asks for money from the victim in order to unfreeze the computer but it will only make it worse.

Viruses have evolved their ways in order to scam money from their victims. A lot of computer users have been victims of the FBI virus because they are naturally afraid of being sent to prison or having a criminal record. The scary part of this virus is that it never warns their user that they have infected the computer and will just pop out. The virus affects the computer when the user visits various websites that are infected or downloading files that are infected as well. This happens often when you do not update your security software in your computer. After infecting your computer, it locks it then asks for a ‘fine‘ corresponding to the ‘offense’ you have done.

FBI virus

FBI virus

There are different versions of the FBI virus such as:

·         The first is the version filled with both the Moneypak and FBI logos. There is a  crime list and a webcam stating the offenses you made. Then you are informed of the things that you have been doing that are directly against the laws like distributing or viewing copyright and pornographic content, or anything that is illegal. For your computer to work again you are asked to pay $100 with a code of the Moneypak that is located at the right side of the alert.

·         Second is similar to the first only that there is the McAfee logo with it. It also has you accused of doing illegal online activities and asks you to pay the fine of $200.

·         The black screen is similar to the previous versions only that this has audio warning, a black screen with the lockdown of the system.

·         The online agent version is a notch up to its predecessors with similar fine. This version does not display the location or the IP address except the name of the agent responsible for it with corresponding details.

·         The latest version is the Cybercrime division which states that they come from the Cybercrime division. The fine this time is $300.

The authorities have alerted computer users to watch out for FBI virus because it has evolved further to make it more terrifying and convincing for users to pay them the fine.

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